Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of salon is Salon LaLa at Salon 515 Suites?

Originally, Salon LaLa was a full service commission salon with employees licensed to provide a variety of cosmetology services. As of November 1, 2017, Tyson still owns the Salon LaLa & LaLa Salon & Spa brand, and moved into Salon 515 Suites at 1932 SW 3rd St Ste 2 Studio 2, Ankeny, IA 50023. Salon LaLa is no longer a commission salon, but is instead occupied by Tyson, Jessica, and Sara who operate their own businesses by renting space within the studio suite.

Each cosmetologist is responsible for their own hours, appointments, services, products, and client satisfaction. Please make sure you contact your service provider directly if you have any questions or problems with anything. You can contact Salon LaLa at and we can pass your information on to the appropriate service provider.

You can find contact information for each cosmetologist by visiting their profile page from

What if I’m late for my appointment?

Arriving late will limit the amount of time for your services, which will lessen the experience and pleasure you’ll enjoy. It’s common for the service provider to make adjustments to ensure their next client is not delayed or inconvenienced. We encourage all of our clients to arrive at least 10 minutes early for any appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your service provider directly for assistance.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please let your provider know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment, that way your appointment time can be offered to someone else who is eagerly awaiting to get in. No-showing for an appointment inconveniences your provider and is considered disrespectful.

Each service provider may have additional expectations when it comes to cancelling or no-showing an appointment. Please refer to your providers booking website for more details or contact him/her directly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

Each service provider maintains his/her own retail inventory. Please contact your provider directly to inquire about any guarantees of services or products.

How are gift cards handled after November 1, 2017?

If you have a gift card from LaLa Salon & Spa, please let your provider know at the time of your service. All gift cards and certificates are valid for 1 year from the purchase date.


We absolutely welcome children at our new location. Due to space limitations, the salon is off-limits to children without an appointment. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

Payment Options

Each provider accepts all major credit cards, cash, and checks. Please check with your service provider regarding returned check fees. This fee typically starts at $25.00 per occurrence and you may be unable to use checks in the future.

Pre-Booking Your Appointments

All service providers offer the convenience of pre-booking your next appointment/s. This allows you to choose the best date/s and time/s as far in advance as possible. They can also setup fixed or recurring appointments up to a year or more in advance!

Bridal Services

Due to the change in staffing and location, working with bridal parties is limited. Please contact one of the service providers to discuss your needs. If possible, schedules will be coordinated between providers to assist with your services. As independent business owners/contractors, you may also inquire about having your preferred service provider perform services on-site at your venue.


We often are asked what amount to tip. Tipping is left to the discretion of each client. It’s best to tip in cash whenever possible, since adding a tip to a credit card increases the fees associated with the transaction. As a guideline for your convenience:

Please remember, each provider is responsible for their own pricing. Rates and services are subject to change without notice.


@ Salon 515 Suites

1932 SW 3rd St Ste 2 Studio 2
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